​​​Objectives of this workshop

We will approach here the primitive archery from a practical perspective, trying to obtain bows and arrows similar to those that our prehistoric ancestors manufactured, although using modern tools in order to prevail the speed and the practical aspect before the total purity.

Undertaking it from a purist or academic perspective would force us to use stone tools and slow down the process. However, the final result will be the same natural characteristics and materials used by our ancestors, and the results will be fully functional.

We will use woods of ash, chestnut, acacia, etc, for the bows; linen for the ropes; cedar, privet, rose, linden, etc., for the arrows; flint, wood, bone and horn for the tips of the arrows; tendons to reinforce bows or to tie arrows; feathers of turkey, eagle, vulture, etc.

We will also dare to make bows of different designs: short, long, recurved, Asian ones made of horn and tendon...


Duration of the workshops

These are workshops of approximately 8 hours and can be done in one or two days.


Who is it for?

The activities are open to all ages from the age of 16, under conditions of equality and without discrimination. Mainly aimed at fans of archery. Archers who want to make a primitive bow.

The number of participants can be up to 6-8 people per group.



The workshops will be carried out by the member of the Foners Catalans Cultural Association, Angel De la Llave, archer and craftsman who has been making bows for over twenty years. They can be done in different languages ​​and the maximum security conditions are guaranteed.

In this sense, it should be noted that the initial practice of archery must be done in a shooting range and that a federative license is required to practice this sport.


Contents of the workshops

We will make bows of initiation, making simple but effective bows, with woods that do not require advanced knowledge and that, in general, allow us to make an bow in a few hours. Other courses, more ambitious, require several days, as more complex designs or woods would need a deeper knowledge in the art of making primitive bows. We can even make Asian bows that, in my opinion, are the top in this art.


The timeline of the activity is as follows:

Description of contents:

  • Presentation of the workshop

A brief description of the origins and uses of the primitive bows, how the workshop will work, the different woods and other materials and tools that will be used will be carried out over approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • Manufacture of a bow

To develop this practical activity the association, will provide each participant with the material to make one’s own bow. You will be given the wood and you will be given the necessary tools. The rest of the workshop will be devoted to the elaboration of the bow. The workshop will end with the manufacture of the bowstring and with a small test shot to check the effectiveness of the bow.


Price: On request



For those who want to delve into the theory, in addition to the internet, there is a series of books on the subject (almost all in English). Here are some examples that we recommend:


  • The Traditional Bowyers Bible, 4 tomos. Steve Allely, Tim Baker, et alii. Bois d’ Arc Press

  • Esta obra es imprescindible para los verdaderamente interesados. Lo mejor de lo mejor y la más completa.

  • The Flat Bow. Hunt & Metz. Bois d’ Arc Press

  • Native American Bows. T.M. Hamilton. Missouri Archaelogical Society.

  • Bows & arrows of the native americans. Jim Hamm. The Lyon Press.

  • The heritage of the longbow. Pip Bickerstaffe. Edición del autor.

  • The longbow. Mike Loades. Osprey Publishing.

  • American Indian Archery. Reginal and Gladys Laubin. University of Oklahoma Press.

  • Ottoman Turkish Bows. Adam Karpovwicz. Edición del autor. Fantástico libro

  • Making Indian Bows and arrows…the old way. Douglas Spotted Eagle. Eagle’s View Publishing Edition.

  • Korean Traditional Archery. Thomas A. Duvernay. Handong Global University.

  • Arc et Flèche. Jürgen Junkmanns. Editions Musèe Schwab. En francés.

  • Así hacemos nuestros arcos. David Castillo Belio. David Castillo Belio. En castellano.

  • Así hacemos nuestras flechas. David Castillo Belio. En castellano.



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