FONERS CATALANS began to take shape in 2015 in response to the growing interest in the practice of shooting with a sling in Catalonia.

The stability and growth of the slingers group led us to propose new projects linked to this practice. One of the first agreements was the creation of a non-profit cultural association, FONERS CATALANS, with its headquarters in Banyoles.

The activity of the association is complemented, at the same time, with our group of historical recreation of slingers, Iberhonderos, through which we recreate the world of Iberian and Balearic slingers.

Throwing a ball or a pebble with more skill than your opponent, makes this ancient everyday tool an entertaining shooting game. Thus, a new way to promote the shot with a sling emerges. With this aim, in 2017, we became members of the newly created Catalan Traditional Games Federation.


We are, therefore, a non-profit cultural association formed by a group of people who come from different professional fields that range from the educational sector to industrial sectors, but all of us are fond of recreation and history. A group of people who, scattered through the Catalan territory, gather for the pleasure of meeting and researching and experimenting with the use of pre-industrial technologies. Right now, we are more focused on the spreading and use of the sling as a traditional game and as a tool or weapon used over time and especially in the Iberian era. However, our aim and interest is also to approach, as amateurs, experimental archeology in stages as exciting as the Prehistory and organize educational workshops, propose activities, meetings, do research and share good times. Our objectives are exclusively cultural and educational ones.



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