Foners catalans is a non-profit cultural association that has two dimensions:

On the one hand, with our recreation group Iberhonderos, we like to make historical recreation about the use of the sling in the old age, mainly in the Iberian period (Iberian and Balearic slingers). We are interested in research and experimentation on the use of tools at this time as well as prehistory.

We organize activities such as shooting workshops with slingshot, making slings, talks, etc, in historical festivals, summer centers, schools...

On the other hand, we aim at learning and spreading the game and traditional and popular sports. This is why we are an association that belongs to the Catalan Federation of traditional games, also created recently, and we collaborate with other associations of this federation in activities related to traditional and popular games and sports.

The members of the association try to meet once a month in order to practice and perfect the shot with a sling.

Our BYLAWS state that:

The aims of the association are:

  1. To study and research on Experimental Archeology and pre-industrial technologies.

  2. The promotion, research and use of the knowledge and tools that allowed the technological development of the human being. The main objectives are, therefore, the obtaining of fire through various systems, the lithic carving, the manufacture and experimentation with them to make bows, primitive and sling propellers, rock painting, pottery, tanning of skins, knowledge of techniques of hunting and trapping, the building of shelters, cordage, the use of resources from the natural environment, survival and other techniques and primitive artifacts that have been used since time immemorial.

  3. To emphasize the study, research, manufacture and experimentation with slings and everything related to them.

  4. The promotion, dissemination and realization of activities for the development of Experimental Archeology in general and slings in particular.

To achieve its goals, the association organizes, among others, the following activities:

  1. Organization of recreational activities related to Experimental Archeology and slings in the area of Catalonia.

  2. Research, cataloging, publication and dissemination of the results of our research and the resources generated by our members through written publications, blogs or web pages.

  3. Development of promotional events to spread our cultural heritage (courses, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, talks, etc)

  4. Organization and / or participation in recreational and sports events and historical recreations.

  5. Creation, design, production and distribution of recreational, sports or decorative materials related to this field.


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