Informative workshop: The real archery in the medieval ages

Objectives of this workshop:

To understand the reality of the western and eastern civilian and military bow shot during the middle ages, approaching the theoretical basis to understand the primary sources.

In this way, we banish many false myths about the medieval archers and get to know the sources that allow us to study this reality with first-hand data. 


Duration of the workshop:

Conference of 3 hours (approximately).


Who is it for?

Historical recreators, historical archery practitioners and people interested in archery / history.



The speaker of the conference, Ismael Hernández, is a graduate in political science who has practised archery for 8 years.

It is necessary to emphasize that we will not learn to use a historical bow, it is a totally theoretical workshop.

Contents / Structure of the workshop

The workshop is structured as a 3-hour conference with the following structure and contents:

  • Understand the medieval bow in its context

  1. The bow in Occident

  2. The bow in the East


  • The bow in the war

  1. The military archer

  2. Combined weapons

  3. The bow as a weapon of wear

  4. The archer as a harasser

  5. The archer in the castles.


  • Civil archery

  1. Archery games


  • How to practice medieval archery with rigor?

  1. The Kitab ghunyat at-tullab fi ma'rifat ramy an-nushshab

  2. The Toxophilus


Price: On request


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